Win big with LFC Fantasy League daily

Liverpool FC have the ultimate challenge for you with the world’s first global fantasy sports platform – specifically designed for football – in which you can play and collect your winnings daily.

Manchester City and Mondogoal launch new daily fantasy football game

Manchester City have teamed up with Mondogoal to offer you the chance to select a team of your favourite players from your favourite leagues every single matchday throughout the World Cup and upcoming domestic season.

Mondogoal Arrives at Fantasy Football Scout

Fantasy Football Scout are delighted to announce that we’re teaming up with Mondogoal, a new daily and weekly Fantasy Football game, for the 2014/15 season. [Strategy Guide]

Mondogoal Launches Best-of-Breed Fantasy Soccer Game

And then there’s the drama. With Mondogoal, there’s no “I’ll always have next week” excuses. You get the excitement of any entire fantasy league experience crammed right into 90 minutes of action. You’ll see the game in a new way, be cheering every tackle your defender makes and praising your forward for ‘giving the keeper an early test’, just because he netted you two points. Whether it’s a head to head against a friend, a single stranger or a group of players online, you’ll always have a way to make any matchday interesting and relevant.

Mondogoal Announces New Mobile Version in Time for Start of English Premier League

Mondogoal, the only pure-play daily fantasy soccer site online, today announced their new mobile version is ready for full game play. The mobile version works on iPhone, android and tablets.

Mondogoal, mi gioco i mondiali in tempo reale

Crea la tua formazione, attendi il calcio d’inizio e segui la sfida in tempo reale su Mondogoal. Non è l’unico gioco di Fantasy soccer online, ma è il primo che consente di seguire gli aggiornamenti delle statistiche dei singoli giocatori in diretta. Ed è anche il primo che si basa su scelte e partite giornaliere. Lo abbiamo provato in occasione dei quarti di finale del Mondiale ed è divertente anche per chi – come chi sta scrivendo – non è un fedelissimo del pallone.


(Spanish) Cover story on Mondogoal discussing the rise of fantasy sports

Manchester City and Mondogoal launch new daily fantasy football game

Today, the world’s first global daily fantasy sports platform for soccer, Mondogoal, is open for the public to start enrolling teams, just in time for the start of the World Cup.